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Santee Locksmith

Santee Locksmith, LockTechs

Lost your keys in and can’t seem to get into your home?Are you looking for a solution to and can’t seem to find a way out of the bind you’re in? Problem solved because Locktechs is your Santee locksmith! Here at locktechs, we are a local locksmith that prides itself in providing the best services to our clients in any situation whether it’s an emergency or minor.


Our Santee locksmith technicians use various door-opening and repair tools to effectively help people access their cars, homes or offices when they get locked out or misplace their keys. Our locksmith professionals use different tools to open various types of doors and security systems. Our service trucks are stocked with multiple door-opening tools, such as wrenches, pliers, long-reach tools, picks, and slim jims. Additionally, our locksmith experts have the resources to install high-security systems on residential, automotive and commercial properties.Santee Locksmith

In addition to our professionalism, we are open and operating 24 hours all week long! Here are a few of some of the many services we dispense.

  • Business Re-Entry – Time is money, and if you are trapped outside of your business staring at the keys on top of the counter, then you should call us immediately. Our emergency locksmiths can be to your location in under 30 minutes no matter what time of day it is!
  • Vehicular Re-Entry – If you have accidentally locked your keys in your car or lost them outright, make sure to call our emergency locksmiths. We provide vehicular re-entry for anywhere in the North County area in less than a half an hour. With our 24-hour service, you will never have to be immobile again!
  • Key Retrieval – If you have accidentally snapped your key off in a lock and are staring at an impossible to open the door, give us a call today. Our mobile locksmiths will be able to retrieve any key from any lock and re-allow the lock to be accessed by an additional key!
  • Key Duplication – Our Key Duplication service is one of the best in Northern California. We can have a copy of your key in record time. Be sure to call us now to see if we can provide you with our mobile key duplication services.


When you call LockTechs, we dispatch our locksmiths right away to your location. A locksmith technician is guaranteed to arrive within a short time to provide the appropriate solution to your problem.For more information give us a call (619) 202-1168 today and speak to one of our friendly customer service agents.