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San Diego Lock Installation

San Diego Lock InstallationSan Diego Lock Installation

If you’ve ever changed a lock before, good for you, you probably don’t need this service. But if you’re like most Americans, you have no idea how any of it works. And that’s fine, the fact is that if you happen to live in the city of San Diego, then we can help you. Because here at Lock Techs locksmith we provide the best San Diego Lock Installation services on the market.

How to change Locks

The process is simple, but also not really.

people-3.pngPurchase the Correct Lock – The fact is that when most people are trying to change the locks themselves, they buy the wrong lock or they buy a lock with improper measurements. Impossible it seems, but the truth is that it’s extremely common.  When you are searching for a new lock to buy you have to make sure it bares the same measurements. Best way to do that is to open your door and look at the lock, what does the code on the lock say and then look up that model number for precise measurements

Detach Previous Lock – Unscrew the lock from the door frame. Unscrew the door knobs from both sides of the door and then shimmy the old lock out. This is the best way to remove it, and it’s also the easiest step in the process.

Install New Lock – Right about now is when most people panic, because it’s very easy to take things apart but it’s very hard to put them back together, just ask a baby. The process is simple but specific. Take the lock and insert it in the door first, then gently place the screws in as a placeholder, do not tighten them. Next, attach the doorknob by threading the steel through and then attaching them to the door, but make sure that you attach the two knobs AND the lock otherwise the door won’t lock properly. Then tighten everything up little by little. A little tightening on all sides then seal, if you over tighten one side of the knob, it’ll be crooked on the other sider.

Lock Techs

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