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Introduction to Locksmith Tools

Introduction to Locksmith Tools

Being a locksmith is a tricky profession. Most people discount us because they feel like if they have a shady family member that they wouldn’t need the trade at all. But, there is an art to locksmithing and like every great artist or engineer they need tools. To explain, we’ve assembled the list of essential locksmith tools (credit cards not included.)

Locksmith Tools slim jim

Key Making Machine – The most iconic piece of machinery that every locksmith has is the ‘key making machine‘. This massive tool ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on your volume of work. It is the most valuable tool for general business.

Lock Gun and Slim Jim – Most people are familiar with the slim jim, which is the long skinny piece of metal used to lift the door handle. While that is still used for older cars, it is much easier for us to use our lockpick gun, which automatically ties different methods to jiggle and open the door for us. That being said, most contemporary cars with computers in them can be remotely accessed by your manufacturer.

Decoder and Cap Remover – The decoder is an individual chart that is sold by lock making companies exclusively to locksmiths. These decoders show the average combinations for lock tumblers. These aren’t tremendously useful, but they are a very valuable resource. The most important device are cap removers, which can help increase the amount of room our lockpicks have to enter the keyhole.internet

The Internet – Finally, the biggest resource we have is the internet. There are so many communities of locksmiths online that help each other and give each other pointer. This is a tool of unity that not only makes us better as a profession but makes it easier for us to access information. This unity makes the quality of your locksmith service much better.

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