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Avoiding locksmith fraud: What you need to know?

Avoiding locksmith fraud: What you need to know?

Summary: Are you looking for a reliable locksmith? Make sure you’re acquainting yourself with steps to avoid fraud- without fail!

No matter how frequently we come across cases of locksmith fraud, we hardly make efforts to shore up our means of resistance against the same. Yes friends – cases of locksmith frauds are all too common. It’s easy for fraudster locksmiths to target you because you call them at a moment when you are apparently in your most “vulnerable” state – i.e. when you’re locked out of your home or car. Locksmith services can be hired for a variety of other reasons as well but the one mentioned above often emerges as the commonest of them all.

So, today, we will be offering you a few tips with the help of which you will be able to avoid cases of locksmith fraud. Read on for due information.

Consider investing time in due research

Start off with the local ones. For instance, if you’re living somewhere in Santee, you should conduct your research with the keyword “locksmith Santee”. Expect to find the most comprehensive results based on this search. Make sure you are focusing on the following points without fail:

  • Is the business registered with a local address?
  • Don’t forget to cross check – find out if any other business is registered with the same address or not (if yes strike it off your list because it’s nothing more than a scam)
  • Is the service provider reluctant to provide you a business name? If no, consider other services
  •  Check out if they have a thoroughly informative website or not

Be on your guard against cheap services

Affordability is not really equivalent to “cheap” services. In fact, you should be on your strongest guard against companies offering unimaginably low quotes. They will either offer you low quality services or are coming over just to have a good look at your surrounding so that they can scheme mischief in accordance. Make sure you are enquiring about individual prices without fail- labor charges, emergency charges and so on. Get a quote over the phone itself.

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Always ask for identification and license

Kindly do not allow a technician to initiate work before you have actually checked his ID proof. When a locksmith has arrived at your place you should ask for his ID without fail. If applicable in your state, you should also ask for the license. There are certain states that have actually declared that it’s illegal to start working on a locksmith-related project without due credentials have been established.

What else should you remember?

Last but not the least – besides consulting online reviews make sure that you are actually spending due time on offline research as well. Are your neighbors consulting locksmiths on a regular basis? Who do they recommend and why? Are they satisfied with the locksmith services they are availing now? Or, are they looking for a change? Why are they looking for a change (if that’s actually the case)?

Please make sure that you are considering these points without fail when you are in the process of finding a locksmith.