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Locks are tricky things. They usually give us a sense of security. However, Automotive-Locksmith-San-Diego1 there’s one time where the opposite is true. That moment is when one’s staring through a window at keys locked inside their car. Anyone who’s felt that sense of dread on realizing what they’ve done won’t soon forget it. However, it’s not as bad as it might seem. At least if one looks into an auto locksmith San Diego style. That style means someone who’s personable, professional, and who knows San Diego like the back of their hand. It
means that they can quickly reach any stranded motorist.

How Auto Locksmiths Can Help in an Emergency

However, one might wonder exactly how it is that a locksmith can get into a car in the first San-Diego-Automotive-Locksmith place. The answer is a combination of tools and training. Getting into a car is easy, getting into it without damaging anything isn’t. That’s why an auto locksmith San Diego style is so important. They have what it takes to get into any car, and to do so without damaging it in the process.

The most common way that a locksmith gets into a car is through either a slim jim or wedge. The wedge is much like one would expect from the name. It looks a lot like the wedges people often use to keep doors in a building open. The biggest difference is that they’re specially sized for different vehicles. The locksmith can determine which design is needed for a particular car or truck. Once he’s decided on which wedge to use, it’s just a matter of using it against the area between door and window. This provides the leverage needed to use a wire to unlock the car door.

The slim jim is a device used to push through a car’s weather stripping. The thin piece of
metal can trigger the vehicle’s locking mechanism in order to provide entry. It’s a tricky
technique, but a trained auto locksmith will be able to perform it quickly and efficiently.

Lock Techs San Diego

However, sometimes neither method will work. In those cases the locksmith will fall back on a lock pick. Sometimes this means small tools used to manually work within a locking mechanism. Other times this will be a small machine known as a pick gun. Either way, the locksmith will need to determine how the lock works and use a combination of experience and dexterity to bypass it. This is the more difficult of the methods of entry, and as such it’s also the most time consuming. However, between one of these methodologies a locksmith can ensure that one’s back on the road. For more information on automobile locksmiths in San Diego Ca, contact LockTechs locksmiths at or Call (619) 202-1168.

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