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Arcata Locksmith

Arcata Locksmith

Locksmith installing a door lock

Being locked out of your car is an infuriating experience. You’re stranded somewhere without anyone to turn to for help, and if you do have a friend with a backup key, they’re probably too far to help! But if you call us at LOCK TECHS, we will have our closest Automotive Locksmith in ARCATAarrive at your location in less than 30 minutes!


LOCK TECHS has been in the locksmith industry for several years. During our time we have become one of the most trusted Lock Techs’ in ARCATA, and if you are looking for the most honest locksmiths, you’ve found them with us.

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Being locked out of your home is an absolute nightmare. Waiting on family and friends to retrieve their key for can sometimes be more stressful than being locked out itself. But if you call our residential locksmiths and us, we will have the nearest locksmith to your location in less than a half an hour!

Key Duplication

Car key with transponder

Having a trusted person having a second key to your car will cut your need for vehicular re-entry by a lot. We offer comprehensive key duplication of every type of key as well as the custom coding required for newer models. Don’t waste your time having only one key to your car, too often do people forget their keys.

Transponder Coding

The dealership can charge up to the hundreds for recoding a transponder for your car. With Lock Techs San Diego, we can do it for a fraction of the cost and in a faster time span. Don’t let those at the dealership cheap you out of your money when you can do it with us for faster and cheaper.

Security Cameras

24/7 Security cameras are being used every day in everywhere from local libraries to small residences. For a small investment, you can save money on your homeowner’s insurance while also increasing the security of your home by deterring and tracking potential threats to your home. Call now to learn more.


home security cameras

LockTechs works with one promise in mind: “To improve the name of locksmiths by providing high-quality services, with excellent customer experiences at rates that are affordable and respectable.” If you would like to learn more about our services or our time as locksmiths in California, please call us today at 888 664 4073.