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All you need to know about commercial locksmith San Diego

All you need to know about commercial locksmith San Diego

Safety and security is of prime importance in everyone’s life. It takes precedence over everything as without security and property safety measures it is not possible for us to live a comfortable and worry free life. Locking our home properly gives us a sense of security. It also happens when we need to lock our offices and shops. Perfect functioning of locking system is essential and that is why we need a good and experienced commercial locksmith whenever we are in need of fixing a lock in our offices. If you are living in and around San Diego then you will be able to find a lot of good commercial locksmith San Diego companies that offer a varied range of services.

Who are commercial locksmiths?

Commercial locksmiths are those men, who would offer services to offices, shops, restaurants, malls, factories and other such commercial places.  However the job is quite the same as that of a residential or automotive locksmith. But there are certain additional responsibilities that commercial locksmith bear. There is a big responsibility of confidentiality when you are working in a commercial place. There are private and confidential documents in offices and banks and that needs to be protected. Most of the commercial keying systems are security enabled and thus keeping confidentiality is very important.

What are the areas of operation for these locksmiths?

The commercial locksmiths have a wide range of operations but within the business areas. However, the certifications that they get as a trained locksmith, is same as the residential locksmiths. Their duties involve:

  • Installation of new locks

Well this happens to be the primary thing that all locksmiths do. When you are installing a new door lock or need to replace a door lock with new one you will need a locksmith to fix it properly. In commercial places keys have replaced cards and keypads and other keyless devices as locks. The commercial locksmith San Diego is expert enough to install any kind of office and commercial locks for you.

  • Rekeying or repairing locks

If you office lock is broken it requires immediate repair. The commercial locksmiths would repair the locks and also change the inside tumbler which is known as rekeying. Rekeying is done when a key gets stuck in the lock and then it is damaged.


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  • Making duplicate keys

Making duplicate keys is very important for any commercial place, especially shops, restaurants and small offices where there are more than one person who is authorised to open and close the shop or store. A commercial locksmith can make spare set of keys for the shop or business owners for their convenience.

  • Installation of master key system

Master key system is a must for any office, factory or laboratory where employees can access the areas they need and will not be allowed in places where it is strictly under security. Commercial locksmiths can make master keys for each employee.

  • Onsite security systems

Security locking systems are installed at all commercial places nowadays. A commercial locksmith is expert and experienced in installing and maintenance of all kinds of security gadgets that include close circuit camera and monitors too.